Our Story

fudge-O-lutely’s delicious, homemade fudge recipe is one that has been passed down through several generations.  In the 1970’s, our owner’s grandmother, Doris, used her mother’s fudge recipe. She made delicious fudge and ran a small shop in the back of her home in downtown Mechanicsburg. She called her business Karen’s Candy Kitchen. Doris’ son, Jim took the same recipe and began a larger business making fudge in his home. He expanded it by driving his fudge-mobile to deliver this delicious product across Pennsylvania and five neighboring states!

Continuing the tradition and making fudge-O-lutely’s fudge even more accessible, Jim’s daughter decided it was time to offer this fudge on the internet! From there we have taken the basic recipe and its four main flavors (peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla and maple walnut) to a whole new level. Experimenting and testing new varieties, we are now proud to offer more than thirty different flavors!