Our Story

While the name fudge-O-lutely was born in 2009, the story began long before that. In the 1990’s, our owner, Jessica Kost, learned to make fudge by watching and helping her grandmother. Today, Jess uses that same old-fashioned recipe, adding some creative brainstorming, and then experimenting with new ingredients to create dozens of different fudge flavors!

Once fudge-O-lutely was established and the products were introduced at local fairs and festivals, dabbling in “doing fudge” full time started to become more of a reality. A stroll through the Broad Street Market in 2015 opened a whole new window of opportunity for Jess and fudge-O-lutely!

Our product line has grown to include something fun and special for all ages! Fudge is the steadfast treat, but other sweets you can find are our handmade fluffs, more commonly known as marshmallows, and our puffs, which are our version of quickly spun, organic cotton candy! Our goal is to collaborate locally with other small businesses and entrepreneurs, so you will often find us retailing products from local friends, which allows us to offer items like speciality lemonades and cookies.

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